Monday, July 7, 2008

Un-productivity List

I just edited my "productivity list" on here, which made me realize just how un-productive I've been with writing*. Running participants and training interns has really taken over my life these past few months and therefore I had to change my goals from end of June to end of August.

If I do end up staying here at my post doc and going on the academic job market in the Fall, these papers NEED to be under review. I have a pretty good publication record thus far, but only 1 first authored paper and no pubs with my graduate advisor. For the jobs I would want I need to show some independent work.

So... tomorrow I am staying home to write. I'm dedicating the morning to reading, commenting and editing the paper with my secondary grad advisor as I've had that over a month now. Then I'm having lunch with a friend and the afternoon is dedicated to dissertation manuscript. I am hoping that if I put in some good writing time this week I can actually switch off with my grad advisor. I can give her my diss manuscript when she gives me the 3rd author paper to comment on.

Wish me luck.

* It also made me realize that I need to come up with some good acronyms for my papers but I'm just not feeling all that creative tonight.


thenextfish said...

Yay for goals. I'm in full support and, in turn, I resolve to finish the draft of the paper I've been working on/ignoring for far too many months. Tomrrow shall be the hard core day of writing.

Psych Post Doc said...

yay hard core day of writing. I'll check in with you later to see how yours went.