Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I've got some thinking to do...

Meeting with my PDM went well. At one point she actually said "look, I love you and I need you but I also want what's best for you so I will do without you". I really needed to hear that she wasn't trying to push me out. However, she is really pushing for NAJ. She thinks I'd be good at it, and she thinks my reasons for not wanting it have more to do with other people's expectations than my own wants/needs. She gave me a lot to think about.

We find out about her grant on Friday.

She is still convinced that NAJ offer is coming through any day now. She said she basically told them I was the best they would ever find. :) And they said that confirmed what they thought when they met me.

So, I'm still waiting and thinking but now I'm starting to lean more to the NAJ than to academia. But... who knows tomorrow I could be blown back over the academic side.


Psychgrad said...

If I'm ever in the position of hiring someone, I'm going to try avoid having the decision-making process drag on forever.

Definitely some nice compliments from PDM. It would be nice to have an answer, but it sounds like you would be in a good position going in either direction.

thenextfish said...

That sounds really sweet of her. I sometimes wonder if the people around us don't have the better perspective on what's best for us long term. But I'm too stubborn to listen regardless!

post-doc said...

Trying to predict decisions without having all the information is hard (but inevitable for many of us). :) Wonderful comments from PDM - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that, come Friday, you have options and a tough decision to make.