Monday, July 28, 2008

Dangerous Dog Walking

DH and I took our dogs for a walk tonight. They've been locked in the house a lot because the weather has been just brutal so we decided that since it was finally a comfortable night we'd let them stretch their paws a bit.

My male dog, the older of the two is usually quite smart. When he wraps himself around a tree or a telephone pole all we have to say is "come around" and he does. Tonight he wraps around a small tree and just as I am about to tell him to come around, he lifts up his leg and pees, it flew right at me! I jumped out the way while DH laughed his ass off behind me.

I think from now on I'll let DH deal with male dog and I'll take the female who may not be as smart, but at least she squats to pee.


Ianqui said...

Heh. Sounds like what my son did to me the other day.

NeuroStudent said...

aww...what a sweet puppy picture!! (yes, even adult dogs are still puppies in my mind)

Psych Post Doc said...

Thanks for the comments.

ianqui, I doubt your son knows better. :)

neurostudent- all dogs are puppies in my mind too.